Feeling lonesome tonight

I'm feeling a little sorry for myself this evening. I'm feeling lonely and lamenting how connections built over weeks and months can suddenly disappear. Dating life can feel full and exciting until you look closer and see a handful of shallow connections, easily shattered. You can spend months messaging someone who is super keen: having... Continue Reading →

BDSM for newbies

Writing about a new partner made me think about approaching play for the first time and how to stay safe and happy. I thought I'd share my thoughts in case it's helpful to anyone out there in the early days of exploring dominance and submission. Things to talk about with a new partner before you play... Continue Reading →


The first  play date with George beckons and the anticipation is building. He has been shopping for various items that make me blush at the mere mention. Of course there's dinner first, so he can no doubt tease me at the table. He has experience as a dominant, and the match between our kinks is... Continue Reading →

Reflections on a busy weekend

As my earlier post reveals, I had 4 dates this weekend just gone, and it was too many. Life felt somewhat out of balance. The web address of this very page tells you I'm a single mum, so you know that already. This is the first post where I'm going to bring that in: I... Continue Reading →


A recent sexual encounter taught me a little something about my body that I didn't know. My exposed clit was being spanked increasingly hard. It really started to hurt, and although the gag prevented me from using my safeword, I was almost ready to use my signal for him to stop. My brain was saying... Continue Reading →

A date with Robert

I’m not too nervous for this date because the chances are high he’s going to be a complete wanker and after half an hour, we'll be paying for our drinks and ordering separate Ubers. My first thought on seeing Robert was that his online photos are really rather out of date. Still, he is handsome,... Continue Reading →

Four dates in three days

Phew. It's been a busy weekend! Four dates in three days: and three of those were firsts. It feels like dating has become a hobby. I suppose that is the stage that I'm at currently. If perhaps one in four dates leads to something more, then one does need to spend time dating. It's an... Continue Reading →

Rising standards

My standards have gone up. That means more dates, less sex. Despite that leaving me in a somewhat sexually frustrated place, I think it's wholly a good thing: quality, not quantity. Instead of arranging a "play-date" with someone with matching kinks, I'm seeking an emotional connection to go alongside that. It means I want to... Continue Reading →

Breast lust

It’s always around the new moon when my breasts feel heavy, and ache desperately for attention. I want to be told to lift them out of my bra, and then for the conversation to continue as normal. Perhaps for my nipples to be played with as I’m asked everyday questions… struggling to find words as... Continue Reading →

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