Purple rope

You've thought so much about what I would enjoy. I'm not used to that and I'm so touched. You tie me so tenderly: the soft purple rope fitting around my breasts. It feels lovely and you take me to the mirror to show me how beautiful I look. I could shed a tear but I... Continue Reading →

Ouch / Mmm

There's something about the psychology of BDSM that is about opposites. I find it fascinating, though I haven't got my head around it yet. I'd love to learn more about it someday. There are things you really don't want your Dominant to know because you know they'll use it to their own evil ends! At... Continue Reading →

Airing my dirty laundry

I found it so very hard to publish yesterday's post. All morning, I've been checking to see how many people have seen it and if anyone has liked it. I can't even bear to click on it and re-read it. It's a very intimate fantasy, and here I am sharing it with the world! Am... Continue Reading →

In his hands

I'm lying on my back with my hands tied above my head, held by thick, heavy cuffs that demand respect. Deprived of sight, I notice sounds in the room: a purposeful rustling and a clink of metal. I am sensitive to the cold air on my skin and feel my nipples hardening in anticipation. I... Continue Reading →

Tickle me senseless

Tickling was a complete surprise kink for me. I was introduced to it by a fetlife friend and was very quickly hooked. Don’t get me wrong… it is utter and absolute fucking agony, which is why it’s a hard limit for many folks. So why do I want to be relentlessly tortured?! I love to... Continue Reading →


The first  play date with George beckons and the anticipation is building. He has been shopping for various items that make me blush at the mere mention. Of course there's dinner first, so he can no doubt tease me at the table. He has experience as a dominant, and the match between our kinks is... Continue Reading →


A recent sexual encounter taught me a little something about my body that I didn't know. My exposed clit was being spanked increasingly hard. It really started to hurt, and although the gag prevented me from using my safeword, I was almost ready to use my signal for him to stop. My brain was saying... Continue Reading →

Four dates in three days

Phew. It's been a busy weekend! Four dates in three days: and three of those were firsts. It feels like dating has become a hobby. I suppose that is the stage that I'm at currently. If perhaps one in four dates leads to something more, then one does need to spend time dating. It's an... Continue Reading →

Rising standards

My standards have gone up. That means more dates, less sex. Despite that leaving me in a somewhat sexually frustrated place, I think it's wholly a good thing: quality, not quantity. Instead of arranging a "play-date" with someone with matching kinks, I'm seeking an emotional connection to go alongside that. It means I want to... Continue Reading →

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